• 16.09.2013

GTA V resource research continues (currently all development is sticked on the Xbox360 version). Some textures are stored in *.gfx flash-files (to open them in usual flash-animation viewers and editors it is necessary to change file signature to ‘FWS’), some – in new version *.xtd files.

Dageron’s GTA V Texture Viewer/Editor:

Inside structure of *.xtd files practivally hadn’t been changed. Some fields in structures had been added, their order had been changed a bit, but common work principles are the same as in past. One note: instead of DXT1, DXT2_3 and DXT4_5 now widely used new graphics formats, which are not supported yet (for example, 8_8_8_8, DXT5A and etc.). But anyway it is already possible to open many textures.

Dageron’s GTA V Texture Viewer/Editor:

Interesting fact, that R* left some debug images (like testing charts, etc).

This is just only screens, that tool is in development stage and there is no stable version (so don’t ask for it). Unfinished work part is new RSC-resource (RSC7) container research.

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