Welcome to the Dageron.com studio official website!

We present you a wide range of relevant information, that may be useful to anyone whose development sphere is related to IT trends (programming, videogames). Subject of this resource is wide, and not limited to a narrow direction.

Two fundamental studio principles: research and development.

Research and project management pattern:

  • Relevance and validity
  • Nonstandard point of view and author style
  • Quality and standardization

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Let everyone find on this site something interesting and informative for himself, learn something new.


New design

Dageron.com version 2.0.
We present you a completely new website with brand new design!

  • Improved navigation, previously fragmented information is strictly structured
  • Development subjects strictly divided in sections
  • Added useful menus and a lot of new pages with descriptions and details

Follow the news! While updating the design of the site enire resource format is changing. Since now, news and relevant information (in all development spheres) will be published more often.

For the convenience website newsline is placed on the separate page, also it is possible to read news of each category on it’s page (navigation is in the menu above). Complete newsline without categorization is on ‘all news‘ page.

Multilingual interface

Dageron.com – in Russian and English.

A multilingual interface is introduced on website. All materials can be viewed in two languages​​: Russian and English.

In order to switch languages you can use switch buttons (“flags”) in the top right corner of website header, or in the right column of each page.

Multilingual mode is still in the testing stage, not all previously published materias are translated into English. Gradually, they will be translated; before that moment on non-translated pages will be displayed a special message, that this material is only available in the Russian version.

All new materials (news, notes and articles) will be published in two languages​​.

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GTA V – resource research

Are you interested in opportunity to edit any GTA V resources (create modifications)? Work together with Dageron.com!

It makes sense to unite all forces of the independent developers and teams, which have experience in any videogame research (even small) with the objective point to make software for exporting and importing resources of GTA V console versions.

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